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Kristian Roggendorf remains one of the most skilled and experienced child abuse lawyers in the Pacific Northwest, and now is part of one of California’s premier sex abuse survivor law firms, the Zalkin Law Firm.  Primarily representing adult victims of institutions such as the Catholic Church, LDS Church, Boy Scouts, Oregon school districts, the Oregon Department of Human Services and other institutions responsible for the welfare of children, Kristian also represents plaintiffs in appeals and citizens who have had their property condemned, destroyed, or damaged by the government.




If you are a victim of abuse, the first thing you must know is that the child abuse you suffered was never your fault.  Children cannot consent to sexual contact either legally or morally, and adults bear a heavy responsibility to maintain healthy, appropriate relationships with children at all times.  When it comes right down to it, you were just a kid.  If you haven’t already, go and find a therapist to talk to.  A convenient list of local Portland are therapists is here:  OAASIS.  Litigation is not the answer in every case, but it can often be a huge step on the road to your healing.