Child Abuse

Nothing can ever repair the harm done by child abuse. Civil justice and monetary awards are small comfort for such injuries, but it is sadly the only way our society has for recognizing and attempting to heal the pain caused by adults who abuse their power over children for selfish and destructive ends.  If you have been the victim of abuse, you must know that you are not alone, and know that it was never your fault.  Please contact OAASIS at or a qualified therapist to begin your healing process.

Oregon has some of the most favorable child abuse laws of any state, and if you suffered child abuse in Oregon, you may be able to seek justice from your abusers or those who enabled the abuse to occur. Even with these laws, there is still a statute of limitations on the filing of child abuse claims that may be running or may have passed.   Oregon does not require child abuse survivors to have forgotten about the abuse, although that can happen.  If you have begun to realize that abuse has caused some lasting injury, please contact a lawyer right away—whether here or elsewhere—who specializes in the field.   Do not lose your rights to the passage of time.

Representing victims of child abuse has served as a vocation for Kristian for over 15 years. Of all the various types of cases he has been involved in, advocating on behalf of those abused as children has been the most meaningful and emotionally rewarding.  Kristian approaches each case as part of the client’s healing process.  While litigation is a long and difficult journey with no guarantee of success, Kristian has seen that the power reclaimed by survivors through the litigation process is almost always a positive influence on long-term healing.  Not every child abuse survivor has a lawsuit.  But every survivor has a chance to begin coming to terms with their abuse and start on the road to recovery.