Seattle Archdiocese Lists Abusive Priests

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Tear down the curtains, stop protecting evil. It’s a shame it took this long.

 Every single organization needs to release the names of those credibly accused of molesting children.  A religious organization, founded on the Christian values of love and forgiveness, is no different and the pastoral concerns of the Church toward its priests should have never, never, trumped the protection of children.  Christ himself knew this when he Himself said child abusers were better of dead or having never been born.
New additions to the list [ Seattle Abusive Priests List ] of known Seattle molesters:

Lawrence Low, who last worked at St. Alphonsus in 1987;

Jerome Dooley, St. Philomena, 1993;

Michael Hays, St. Philomena, 1989;

Theodor Marmo, St. John Vianney, 1992;

William O’Brien, All Saints, 1970;

Thomas Pitsch, St. Margaret, Seattle, 1978;

William Quick, St. Francis, 1968;

Leo Racine, St. Luke, 1988;

Stohr, Richard, Jail & Prison Ministry, 1988.