Citizen Advocacy

The central promise of our Republic is the Rule of Law and fair treatment by government officials.  All too often, our government officials fall short of that standard.  Whether it is low-balling citizens in eminent domain/condemnation proceedings, punishing citizens through onerous and unjust application of land use regulations, or failing to afford all citizens the rights guaranteed (not merely granted) by our State and Federal Constitutions, government has become an abusive and destructive force to many of our fellow Americans.

Fighting the government is not easy or inexpensive, but it can be done.  Kristian Roggendorf has 15 years of fighting the government under his belt, starting before he was even out of law school as a certified law student when he helped to delay the Interstate Light Rail line because it was going to harm a family business in North Portland.  Van Raden v. City of Portland, 2001 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7745 (D. Or. 2001).  This advocacy continued through another more recent light rail challenge, when Thelma Haggenmiller managed to stop the issuing of $20 million in bonds for the Portland-Milwaukie light rail.   In his new practice, Kristian continues this proud tradition, having represented a citizens’ group in seeking to prevent the sale of City water tank property to a developer, working to remove radon from Portland’s water supply, and working to secure compensation for citizens where the government oversteps its property rights.  He also fights the government when it fails to meet its obligations to our vulnerable populations, such as taking Clark County, Washington, to task for failing to provide accommodations for Deaf inmates in the county jail.

Not every fight can be won, and the government has a number of advantages in litigation, including immunities and exceptions that private citizens could never claim.  However, with the solid representation of Kristian Roggendorf in your corner, you can bring the fight to the Goliath of Government.