Erin’s Law in Oregon


Erin’s Law would require school districts to implement sexual abuse education to public school students.  Why this isn’t in place already everywhere is a mystery to me.  Maybe we can find some Oregon legislators to advance this in the next session.  Ask the state candidates in this election cycle if they support this law.  The schools are historically one of the worst places for abuse, and because of sovereign immunity and tort claim notice requirements, the victims are almost always denied civil justice.  Let’s get Erin’s Law passed in Oregon. … [Read more...]

Never, ever, take naked pictures of yourself


They can and do get out, and ruin lives in the process—especially if a kid does it themselves.  This is a terrible story from our own backyard: Facebook stalker gets girl to give him naked pics, and then blackmails her and a friend for more. The darker side of social media is maturing, so to speak, and the old methods of extortion, blackmail, stalking, and sexual harassment have become recognizable patterns.  Kids are new to everything, so even if you know never to friend someone you’ve never heard of, your child doesn’t. Molesters are invariably good at manipulating children—it’s all … [Read more...]

Kelly Clark the artist


After a few days of reflection, my contribution to the public praise of this great man. A lot has been said about Kelly as a lawyer (he was indeed one of the best of his generation), an abuse advocate (none better), and as a leader and mentor in the recovery community (dedicated to a fault). One thing that hasn’t been discussed as much was his deep love of language. You see, Kelly was an intellectual in the best sense of the word. He had been beaten up enough by life to stay connected to normal people, but his quick and curious mind never stopped looking for a more perfect way to … [Read more...]

My friend, mentor and brother, Kelly Clark — Requiescat In Pace


I can’t really say much beyond what I wrote earlier to an email to friends: For 13 years, Kelly and I “shared a brain”: I would know what he wanted to say, and he always knew best how to say it.  Although his abuse work was central to who he was, he cared about and tried to fight for everyone who was being taken advantage of.  From fighting casinos and the lottery because of the impact on gambling addicts, to representing landowners getting shafted by the government, Kelly was always looking for a good cause and good people to dedicate his keen intellect and extremely well-honed … [Read more...]

The troubling priorities of Cardinal Mahony

Cardinal Mahoney

A friend emailed this link to me and advised “don’t read it unless you’re prepared to get very angry.” Indeed. He seemed almost temperamentally unable to see a problem and not do something. When a cathedral fire alarm stopped working, Mahony found a screwdriver and rewired it. When the clock was blinking the wrong time in an aide’s car, he quickly reset it. Apparently that drive did not extend to cleaning out the child molesters in the Church. Even after Fr. Tom Doyle’s excellent guide to dealing with the problem, and his lawyer’s advice to “Be sure that someone has reported the matter to … [Read more...]

Millstones for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis?


As a Catholic, I try to give most current Church leaders the benefit of the doubt that they’ve learned their lesson about secrecy and covering up the abuse of children by priests.  I sometimes counsel my clients that the Church has been trying to do the right thing over the last few years. Apparently, I’m being rather naive—at least as it pertains to the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  Former official: Archdiocese didn’t report priest’s pornography The story is damning, in every sense of the word.  When the archdiocese learned of the pornography on the computer in … [Read more...]

Roggendorf Law In the Oregonian


The last few weeks have been very busy, and I haven’t posted much.   In part, this is why: Sex-abuse lawsuit filed against Archdiocese of Portland alleging rape by notorious priest The Fr. Grammond cases are some of the most infuriating, even after a dozen years of doing this kind of work.  How—how—could the Archdiocese ignore multiple reports of a man sexually touching boys over the course of decades???  He obviously wasn’t ever going to get “better” and wasn’t ever going to stop.  … [Read more...]

Chicago Catholic Archdiocese: “Child abuse and rape ‘viewed differently’ years ago”

ABC 7 Chicago

Exactly how were “child abuse [and] rape” viewed “differently” by the Chicago Archdiocese years ago? See the story from ABC News 7 in Chicago: SNAP: CHICAGO ARCHDIOCESE LEADERS SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOLLOWING RELEASE OF PRIEST SEX ABUSE DOCUMENTS Were they not considered grave, mortal sins?  Were they not to be punished to the full extent of the law?  Were they not heinous crimes against those the Christ himself said should come to no harm, lest the offender wish he had never been born? Seriously, exactly how did Cardinals George, Bernardin and Cody view … [Read more...]

Smith Rock, Oregon


View of Monkeyface from the top of Central Oregon … [Read more...]